Pmshell and escape sequences


Users and administrators can access serial console devices attached to console servers through several methods. Michael Daviller, Sales Engineer at Opengear EMEA, demonstrates the basics of using Pmshell escape keys during a cellular session.


Hello. In this video, I will show you how to use Pmshell escape keys during a cellular session. First, let’s see where we have to configure it in the web interface of the Opengear. So I’m here in the serial port configuration of the cellular port 4, and here I have an escape character — my default is tilde. You can change it. In here, we have the power menu. It’s activated, so I’ll be able to use tilde-p to run the power menu.

Let’s now open an SSH station using PuTTY. I will use this syntax, allowing me to open a cellular menu directly. Let’s log in. And ideally, it hides the twit console port of the other of my Opengear. So let’s open a session on port 2 first, hang on, and I can send escape characters to the menu. So for this, it’s still the question mark. Here is all the available options: I can send a break tilde question mark. Here is all the available options.: I can send a break for said machines. I can see the history, we can try it. To send a break sequence, you always have to do a return before. Here is the history. I’m going back to the menu, so tilde-question mark.

We can go back to the cellular menu of the Opengear with tilde-M. And from here, we can go to the port 4 now. I’m connected to my router too, console port. I can send again the menu – tilde-question mark to see all the other options.

And now, let’s open the power menu. So it will be Return -> Tilde-P to see all the other options. So I can turn on, turn off, see the status, or let’s check the status. Yes. So now, let’s power it off. So it’s P. The outlet is now off. I can turn it on again with O, so it’s powering on. I can escape using dots and see exactly what’s happening. I can see the boot sequence from here. So it will be another tilde -> M to go back to the menu.

To have the power menu running correctly, we are using an intelligent PDU consoled by Opengear using the serial port, and we have done a connection into the Opengear from the outlets of the PDU to the full outlet of the router. Thank you for watching this video.

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