Opengear’s Peter Hunt at Interop NY 2014


Opengear was part of the SDN Lab at Interop NYC to help monitor and maintain their SDN lab, and served as the sole provider of serial console access during the event. See how the IM7200 setup helped make it happen, and enabled emergency access to equipment if necessary.


Hi, I’m Peter and I work for Opengear. This year, we’re helping monitor and maintain the SDN lab at Interop, NY. We’re basically facilitating configuration of all the networks switches that are being used for the SDN demonstrations. Everyone who is running a demo has to come through our gear to monitor, maintain, and configure their switches initially, and then after that we can log and control all access to the serial console ports on all these devices.

These are all IM7200-based equipment. We’re purely just sitting on the out-of-band access Ethernet network and allowing all these network engineers to come in, HP guys, Big Switch, Meru, to come in, configure their switches, set up their demonstrations. We are running SNMP and things like that so you can monitor what’s going on by our various monitoring platforms.

You can see the Science Logic EM7 platform there, that’s monitoring S-wire SNMP, and we’re passing up a lot of information about what’s going on over the serial consoles.
The main reason of the configuration when we’re set up is that we’re here if something goes wrong and someone needs emergency access to their equipment. We can provide very quick console access to any of the gear in the racks.

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