If your customers have a need for a high-density terminal server and they have always relied on the Cisco 2900 or any ISR router, ask them to look at the Opengear Infrastructure Manager IM7200 and Console Server CM7100. These devices are embedded with our Smart OOBTM technology and are purpose built to provide terminal/console server access. They can easily be substituted into new or existing data centers and come in various port densities ranging from 8 to 96. Opengear is designed specifically to work with Cisco equipment. That’s why we’re honored to be a Cisco Preferred Solutions Partner and continue to engineer and build advanced out-of-band solutions to support a wide range of devices.


  • 8-96 console ports
  • Plug and play USB console functionality
  • Embedded fiber, PSTN and cellular
  • Lower cost to own
  • Straight forward cabling
    • No complex and expensive NIM modules
    • Eliminate patch panels
    • Save rack space
  • 100% Cisco Compatible

Cisco recommends the ISR4000 series as an alternative to the ISR2911 combined with NIM modules. With our IM7200 solution, you can connect up to 48 devices with an embedded PSTN modem and/or cellular. The new ISR4000 can only connect up to 32 devices in the same 1 RU configuration.

Spec Comparison

Spec Cisco
Form Factor 1 RU – 2 RU 1 RU 1 RU
WAN Ports 1 -2 GbE/SFP PoE available 2 GbE 2 GbE/SFP Fiber
OOB Console Ports 4-48 (Module addons) 16-96 8-48
Cabling Proprietary Straight Cables Software selectable
Power Options PoE, AC and DC SAC and DAC DAC, DDC
Environmental Monitoring No Yes Yes
Out-of-Band Basic Smart OOB Cellular or PSTN
USB Ports 1-2 2 2
Routing Router N/A IP Passthrough via cellular

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