• Out-of-band access to data centers and network equipment
    A secure alternate path to mission critical systems, devices and equipment ensures on-site infrastructure is accessible even during outages. Opengear solutions leverage the latest cellular technologies for out-of-band management to provide access even when the network is down.
  • Cisco Management
    Maintaining a distributed infrastructure requires immediate access to any device on the network at any time from any place in the world. Opengear provides secure connectivity to Cisco routers, switches and security appliances in- and out-of-band.
  • Data Center corridor
    Today's data centers have a wide array of network, server and power infrastructure from a variety of vendors. Opengear enables managers to control, monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot equipment from a centralized management station on a single pane of glass.
  • Data center wiring rack
    Opengear’s remote office solution enables IT organizations to manage the back office, VoIP/UCS systems and network infrastructure at all of their offices from one central location, to resolve issues without having to be physically present.
  • Computers & communications equipment can now be found in the most remote & obscure places, where there will never be technical staff. This equipment must be monitored and managed remotely.
  • Cell Tower
    Technical staff need to keep equipment at remote sites up and running without having to go onsite to handle outages. Opengear cellular out-of-band solutions eliminate the need for analog modems, and provide high-speed robust secure access – at any time from anywhere.
  • One secure gateway to your entire managed infrastructure - wherever it is, wherever you are.
  • Enterprise Grade Security
    Opengear’s secure in-band and out-of-band management solutions enable companies to assure that IT and network services are always available, improving efficiencies and maximizing uptime, while maintaining and enforcing AAA policies that protect distributed network and IT infrastructure from security threats.
  • Open Sign
    Opengear has a long tradition of working with organizations and people in the open standards and open source community - to help support the development of open design and spread the use of open platforms.
  • Fiber connections in a data center
    Opengear provides enterprise grade monitoring and alerting solutions for managing changes in environmental conditions. Solutions that monitor the physical environment as well as the devices, automatically detect and resolve issues.
  • Nagios and Opengear
    Opengear solutions integrate with the Nagios management system to provide central monitoring and secure, remote management of all the critical IT, communications, network and power infrastructure in your distributed network.
  • solarwinds + Opengear
    Opengear console servers extend the Orion monitoring to consoles on network gear and servers, VoIP switches, building security, access control, UPS systems, environmental sensors, heating and cooling plants, and more.
  • Zenoss + Opengear
    Opengear console servers enable Zenoss customers to actively monitor all the network devices, power equipment, and environmental conditions at their remote sites.