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Proactively heal network infrastructure and reduce downtime. 

  • Improves response times with continuous status monitoring and automatic operator notification
  • Correlates cyber and physical security events for real-time breach alerts and response
  • Automates routine maintenance tasks, to reduce the likelihood and cost of human error
  • Manages troubles with smart escalation to reduce cost and incidence of false alarms
  • Self-healing solutions using diagnosis and remediation scripts for common problems
  • Minimizes time to repair and increases user satisfaction and retention
  • Proactively solve problems before they become outages

VIDEO - Auto-Response run book automation

Auto-response proactively heals network infrastructure and reduces downtime. 

Next-generation run book automation technology that proactively solves problems

Opengear appliances monitor and collect data from the infrastructure located around the data center or remote site. This operates at the physical and logical layers, with serial/ USB console control; IP/ IPMI/ SNMP access to networked servers and devices; control of UPS and PDU power infrastructure using USB/ serial/ network connections; and digital IO and environmental sensor interfaces. When an alert condition is raised, the appliance automatically triggers a series of run-book actions, to programmatically diagnose and resolve the incident in real time – without the need for human intervention.

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Run book automation implements the workflow that administrators use to detect and respond to an incident or outage, as a series of automatically triggered programs or scripts. Run book automation can effectively install a virtual network administrator at each distributed site, not just to optimize MTTR with automatic recovery scripts, but also to mitigate human error and cyber sabotage. 
The issue can be automatically remediated in the time that traditional management tools take to find the problem (and often before customers even notice there was a problem) making it a powerful framework for service providers to offer services that meet and exceed customer requirements. 

  • Built-in to all Opengear appliances as a standard feature
  • Monitors and controls all the infrastructure - from physical sensors to network, servers & power systems
  • Automatically generates alarms, alerts and notifications when events trigger established thresholds
  • Simple to use. Manage all of your auto-responders using the web interface
  • Select your trigger actions from the available list or create your own
  • Design your own automatic remediation based on your condition checks
  • Check for resolution and send notifications of problem remediation
  • Setup is easy, using pre-defined condition checks and triggers
  • Trap console warnings to increase infrastructure lifespan

Opengear’s auto-response solutions reduce the actual number of staff required to deliver higher service levels, thereby improving efficiencies and maximizing uptime.