Data Center

One appliance to monitor, access and control all of your rack infrastructure, even during downtime

  • Secure remote management from the operations center, or anywhere in the world
  • Single pane of glass monitoring, access & control of all data center infrastructure
  • Integrates with standard data center management systems & tools
  • Cellular out-of-band access when the network is down
  • Flexible, extensible, programmable
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Comprehensive infrastructure management for the data center

Today’s data centers have a wide array of network, server and power infrastructure from a variety of vendors. The scope and complexity of managing these environments continues to grow.

Opengear console servers enable managers to control, monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot equipment from a centralized management station on a single pane of glass. Integration with standard management systems and tools provides a greater level of visibility into data center operations.

One appliance to monitor all your IT & network infrastructure, even during downtime

  • Console server access to 48 RS-232 serial ports. Clusters hundreds of ports behind one network address
  • Single pane of glass for serial console, PDU, UPS, network and environmental monitoring, access and control
  • Internal 3G or 4G LTE cellular, broadband or dial-in modem provides a secure alternate path for troubleshooting and repair
  • Open source platform built on key OSS data center technologies, with root level shell scripting and customization
  • Auto-response capability automatically detects issues and elevates alerts, reducing downtime
  • Backup and restore device images and configs to integrated TFTP server and USB storage
  • Best value in one box. Monitors IT, network, security, power and environmental conditions
  • Streamline and automate common maintenance tasks to improve productivity
  • Simple cabling - no adapters needed for Cisco-style RJ45 consoles
  • Enterprise grade security

Opengear's data center management solutions monitor, access, and control all data center infrastructure to improve efficiencies and maximize up-time.