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Optimizing HPC Clusters with Opengear Console Servers

Opengear console servers play a key role in ensuring uptime in cluster environments. The clustered servers, like most all core communications equipment are outfitted with a serial RS-232 port for system console access. Access to this system console port is an vital to maintain uptime and cluster synergy. System messages dumped from the clusters consoles should be monitored for errors in the logs. 

The Opengear console servers provide secure access to store on-box or off-box system messages and proactively scan the serial stream for user defined error messages. If a user defined phrase is detected by the Opengear it will trigger predefined alerts or execute local scripts. The Opengear console servers allow for industry standard Bash scripting to help you develop the most secure, advanced clusters utilizing cost saving open source technology and seemless linux integration.

What makes us better than other console servers?

We have more features, better performance at a lower cost. Specific to the cluster market, we offer the right combination of hardware and software components to keep overall costs low. We also have integrated Nagios checks, IPMI Tools, SDTConnector and embrace open source software technologies that allow for a seemless integration into cluster environments. 

IPMI Enables Low Cost Cluster Node Management 

Opengear console servers are embedded with the IPMI Toolchain (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) to reduce operation costs of server clusters. Opengear using IPMI provides administrators a common user interface to access system components such as temperature sensors, chassis power control, SOL for viewing boot and Linux OS console screens, server identification and system event logs. 

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Pattern Match Alerting
Opengear console servers can help you ensure uptime by proactively scanning the serial stream on the individual nodes in the cluster for specific errors or phrases. We monitor the traffic on the serial port and will watch for user defined patterns or phrases and send alerts via SMS, SMTP or execute scripts. 
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Power Management - IPMI and Hotkey Power on RPS/PDU

We built in a power submenu into our shell access, this allows you administrators to simply enter a hotkey while connected via SSH to a node and query power status, turn on, turn off or power cycle via IPMI or local switched PDU. We have support for thousands of PDU/RPS units, both serial and SNMP connected units. 
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Bash Scripting

Unlike other proprietary vendors we allow access to the linux core including bash. Why do i need this? Well, you can create proactive self-healing solutions that cycle power on a cluster node on ping failure. Run scripts to inject updated servers back into the cloud and verify system health with accurate logfile scanning. 
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AC or DC Power Options for Telco's and Substations

Opengear products are available in single or dual AC and DC power options. DC power supplies can be connected to +/- 36V to 130V DC Power feeds which covers the range found in both Telco installations and Utility Substations.