Open Standards

Opengear Smart OOB™ solutions are open and extensible to best fit each unique environment

  • Secure reliable solutions built on a robust open software core
  • Embedded open utilities interface with the widest range of third party devices
  • Integrates with third party NMS and DCIM management systems
  • Customize and script to exactly meet your needs
  • Open, extensible, programmable
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A smart alternative to traditional proprietary management solutions

Opengear has a long tradition of working with organizations and people in the open standards and open source community — to help support the development of open design and spread the use of open platforms:

  • Opengear partnered with OSSI and the OpenSSL project to sponsor the FIPS 140-2 validation of the OpenSSL cryptographic module on ARM processors, Click for More
  • Opengear supports the OpenFlow/SDN Interoperability Lab. This Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology from the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is set to become the norm for tomorrow's networks, Click for More
  • Opengear integrates with many of the open infrastructure monitoring tools like Nagios and enterprise network monitoring software like Zenoss

The object of Opengear's open standards involvement is to ensure we build solutions that our customers can customize and extend — while ensuring interoperability with other management environments, and maintaining the ability to control the widest range of devices.


Opengear Smart OOB™ solutions are built on a proven open source Linux platform. Linux is subjected to the rigors of truly open testing by the myriad of Linux developers and users around the world. This worldwide community can detect and respond to bugs, interoperability defects and security vulnerabilities more quickly and efficiently than would be possible in a closed proprietary environment.


Opengear gives our users access to the Linux core — so they can craft custom solutions to best manage their sites. We provide tools to support custom applications and scripting so the customer can create unique solutions to meet their exact needs.


Embedded within each Smart OOB™ solution is a rich tapestry of open management applications and communications and security utilities. These are all built on open standards and deliver maximum interoperability with third party management environments, and interface with the widest range of third party devices.


Another benefit of using open standards and open source platforms is that we can offer solutions that generally cost less than the competitors.

With an Opengear solution, customers enjoy all the classic open standards and open source benefits such as interoperability, reliability, affordability and freedom from vendor lock-in. Plus they have the opportunity to custom craft the installation at each site:

  • All management appliances run the GNU bash shell enabling you to write custom scripts which can be run manually or automatically on boot, or on particular alert events (see Running custom scripts). A free CDK is also provided which allows changes to be made to the firmware image (see What does the CDK offer?).
  • The run book automation feature in the advanced management appliance enables devices to be programmed to automatically respond to nominated events and take scheduled actions (and these events and actions can themselves be custom scripted), Click for More

Customers have full control over the Opengear management solution they deploy. Each customer can create their own sets of virtual hands that they can use to access and control all the networking equipment in their remote offices, the computers in their data centers and the smart device infrastructure they may have distributed all over the world.

Opengear’s open smart solutions empower the customer's management of their local and remote infrastructure, improving efficiencies, maximizing uptime and ensuring IT resilience.

Open Source Elements