SDN deployments made easy with Opengear

In hyper-scale infrastructures, automation is the name of the game.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a welcome response to the complexities of virtualization in today’s data centers and networks. SDN takes the layers of network control that were traditionally fixed in hardware or network rules in the switches and routers, and allows remote administrators to dynamically change them. The result is better scaling which enables companies to be more competitive and reduce IT costs.

There are many smart SDN solutions, but actual deployment remains a slow and time consuming process. New installations are particularly challenging since there is no existing network to deploy configuration across the new hardware.”

Opengear Facilitates SDN Deployments

  • Single device to assist in SDN deployment and provide out-of-band management
  • Built in Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) for rapid and automated configuration deployment
  • Connectivity for Day One installations to prevent unnecessary delays
  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) to verify network topology to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues
  • Reduced deployment costs with shared hardware

Sys Admins and Network Admins can combine an Opengear solution with their chosen SDN vendor to increase the speed of deployment and provisioning of the new network based on increased automation. Customers who have utilized our unique functionality have cut their deployment times by over 90%.   The Opengear solution will verify the network topology and act as a sanity check to verify the physical connections are correct. Post deployment, the Opengear SmartOOB solution can be utilized for OOB management.

Slow Deployment Changes to Rapid Deployment with Opengear

An Opengear customer was utilizing the standard deployment method offered by the SDN vendor on a new large datacenter with many rows of equipment. They utilized a DHCP server on a cart and ZTP to provision 4 devices at a time. The Network Admins then verified the setup and moved onto the next batch. Due to the scale of the deployment, this was inefficient and very costly with each set taking about 2 days. The Opengear solution automated the entire deployment process reducing the need for manual setup of each individual device. Automation reduces the errors that could be introduced if devices were setup individually.

This customer utilized Opengear’s IM7200 Infrastructure Manager configured as the primary ZTP server. The IM7200 was used to load, push and configure each individual switch via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. By utilizing this method, the customer reduced the deployment time from 2 days down to 2 hours.


Sanity Check Your Network

Our LLDP solution checks your work to ensure your network is setup as it was designed. In a large and complex datacenter, it can be a tedious and time consuming task to verify the installation and an incorrect connection could cause issues down the road including network downtime and loss of revenue. LLDP will ensure your network topology is correct and that the connections between the devices are correctly installed. This automates the process instead of checking every port and every cable.

Automated SDN Deployment and SmartOOB in one device

With a large datacenter a smart out-of-band solution is critical to ensure you have access to your devices at all times. The benefits of utilizing Opengear devices is after deployment is completed our devices can then be utilized for their OOB capabilities. By utilizing a single set of hardware, you can take advantage of reducing the number of devices sitting on the shelf and overall hardware costs.