UPS Systems Management

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UPS Systems Management 

Opengear offers the only console server that manages Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). The Network UPS Tools embedded in all Opengear console servers enable sysadmins to securely monitor and manage their distributed UPS hardware using a common interface:

  • Network UPS Tools provides reliable monitoring of serial, USB and network (SNMP) connected UPS systems, alerts administrators of power status changes and ensures the safe shutdown of connected devices
  • If primary remote site connections are affected by power disruptions the console server can be accessed out-of-band enabling the remote administrator to retain visibility and control of the power at the site
  • UPS systems from all the popular vendors including APC, Liebert, Belkin, MGE, Powerware and Tripp Lite can be monitored using the one simple interface 

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  • Network UPS Tools also controls PDU systems, either natively using SNMP or through a binding to Powerman

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The Opengear web CGI supports Network UPS Tools configuration, reports UPS status and sends UPS alerts. The SDT management software monitors UPS networks and SDT for Nagios also supports UPS hosts (check_ups plugin reports on the status and invokes a NUT client or NUT status CGI).

Simple web interface
UPS Systems Management Interface from Opengear     UPS Systems Management Interface from Opengear
  • Consolidate management of hundreds of UPS systems using a single IP connection
  • Slash costs by reducing or eliminating SNMP management cards
  • No management software to install on dedicated server computer
  • Simple browser and terminal access with strong authentication and encryption
  • Ensure uptime and emergency out-of-band access via broadband or dial-up
  • One solution for IT management, Environmental monitoring and Power management

Companies often have more than one brand of UPS system. This can cause management headaches and require proprietary software. Opengear provides the freedom from a single vendor solution by allowing for agnostic UPS systems management

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Power management diagramPower management diagram 2

Power failures, spikes, supply surges and brown-outs remain a fact of life - as do the service disruptions, data corruption and mangled file systems that result from such power interruptions. The UPS shield critical ICT infrastructure by maintaining a continuous supply of electric power to connected equipment. 

Its rechargeable batteries supply emergency power in the event of power loss and if the power loss is extensive the UPS can signal to initiate an orderly power down sequence. However it is imperative that the UPS systems are monitored closely as each one will only provide power for a limited period of time and will require graceful shutdowns in extended outages