Technical Support

Note: Please include a copy of your support report from your Opengear appliance to help us serve you. You can find the support report located in the web interface in the left hand navigation under Status. Please copy/paste this information and include it in the support request.

More Resources

Knowledge Base FAQ Answers to common questions

Documentation Manuals, quick starts, and release notes

Firmware Download current drivers and firmware

Cabling Details Power and serial connection information

RMA Return material authorization procedures

Product Registration Activate your Warranty and stay informed

EoL Recent end of life (and associated replacement) products

Warranty ACM5000, ACM5500, ACM7000, CM4100, CM7100, IM4200, IM7200, & SD4000 products

Source Code Obtain source code for all GPL code

Licenses Software license information

Custom OEM and custom design services

Resources Other product (and marketing) resources

Feature / Product Request

General support for the open source projects which are sponsored by Opengear is available through the Sourceforge project sites and