IM7200 Product Overview


The IM7200 Infrastructure Manager provides complete management of your entire IT infrastructure in a single device. With 8 – 48 ports, you can provide Smart OOB™ to all your devices. The IM7200 meets …

The IM7200 provides complete infrastructure management of your entire IT infrastructure — all in one box. For out-of-band management of devices in your data center rack, the IM7200 has eight, sixteen, thirty-two or forty-eight serial ports.

These are RS-232 ports that connect to the serial console, console port on your switches, servers, firewalls, routers, PDU’s and UPS’s and provide Smart Out-of-Band Management capabilities.

Once the IM7200 is on your enterprise network, you can connect to it by its management GUI or web based GUI or over SSH command-line interface.

The IM7200 is designed to provide reliable infrastructure management of your network, power and server infrastructure in complex and modern data centers as well as well as large remote sites.

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