Resilience Gateway Product Overview

Take a brief look at the Resilience Gateway, best in class Smart OOB™ that supports high levels of network continuity at remote sites. Use it alongside your existing IT infrastructure for Smart Out-Of…

Hello everyone this is Shirish Nilekar with Opengear. Today I am going to be talking about our latest product, the Resilience Gateway.

The Resilience Gateway is designed to provide high levels of network continuity at enterprise remote sites like branch offices and retail stores. This product deploys alongside of your critical IT infrastructure like servers, switches, firewalls, routers, power equipment like UPS’s and PDU’s, and provides two critical functionalities. First it provides Smart Out-of-Band Management of your entire IT infrastructure and second it provides back up VAN or backup internet connectivity at your remote sites via its in-built cellular connection. This combination of Smart Out-of-Band and failover to cellular, not only reduces network outages at your enterprise remote sites but it also helps you recover efficiently and quickly from any infrastructure failures. Thus providing you high levels of network resilience at remote sites.

Now let’s take a look at the product.

The Resilience Gateway has two gigabytes ethernet ports that connect to your management lan and production lan. For Out-of-Band access, the product has embedded 4g lte cellular. This product will work with most 4g and 3g networks around the world. The 4g network, the 4g cellular connection can also be used as a backup LAN or a backup connection at your remote sites Using simple IP passthrough through technology. On the back of the device you have two cellular antennas: a main antenna and an auxiliary antenna. If you want, you can replace the auxiliary connection with an extension antenna.

For Out-of-Band connectivity the product has four serial RS-232 ports . It also has four USB ports to connect to USB consoles or you can also attach an external USB drive here for additional storage. This product also has in-build four gigabytes of internal flash to which you can store device logs or you can store IOS images. The product has four digital IO ports. To these ports, you can connect environmental sensors like water detectors, fire and alarm detection, or vibration- and contact-sensing devices.

To manage the product, the Resilience Gateway has an easy to use management GUI which provides a dashboard view of all connected devices. You can also remotely access this devices using a standard SSH client. The Resilience Gateway also has an in-built stateful firewall and an OpenVPN client, using which you can create unlimited VPN tunnels between your remote sites and you data center.

Finally, to customize and configure this device to fit your environments, we also provide an auto-response feature. What it allows you to do is write custom scripts which gets executed whenever an external condition or event is detected. That event could be a power failure, could be a cellular connection going down, or an environmental sensor sending you a signal. In response to these external conditions, the script can send administrators an immediate alert or can do some remedial action to take care of the situation.

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