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The Cellular Out-Of-Band Management Revolution

New technologies usually generate a ton of questions. Luckily Dan Baxter, a Senior Sales Engineer with Opengear, has the answers. In the video below,  recorded at NANOG 62, Dan packs those answers into one presentation.

Dan’s presentation centers on the Cellular Out-Of-Band Revolution.  Cellular is a critical capability for ensuring always-on, secure remote management.  Dan describes our smart solution which combines Smart OOB™ remote access & monitoring with auto response & remediation and out-of-band over cell & dial all manageable from a centralized console. The video below is 26-1/2 minutes long and worth every minute of your time. It’s the most detailed, non-partisan presentation on cellular routing and cellular out-of-band management available.

Dan covered a huge range of considerations:

Cellular Routing

  1. Cellular routing form factors
    1. Router modules
    2. External modems
    3. Embedded cellular
  2. Cellular routing strategies
    1. High availability model
    2. IP pass-thru
    3. Challenges and best practices

Cellular Out-Of-Band Management

  1. Cellular form factors
    1. Embedded cellular OOB
    2. External cellular modems
  2. Cellular out-of-band strategies
    1. External modems
    2. Embedded OOB
    3. Purpose built OOB products
    4. Add-on products
    5. IP failover to cellular
  3. Challenges, best-practices
  4. Carrier considerations
    1. Bands and wavelengths
    2. 3G vs. 4G (LTE)
    3. International considerations
    4. Consumer vs. business accounts
    5. LTE vs. LTE machine to machine device routing
    6. IP plan options
    7. Overcoming NAT challenges
    8. Public IP
    9. Public static IP plan challenges
    10. Carrier private networks
  5. Cellular carrier costs
    1. LTE routing costs
    2. LTE out-of-band costs
    3. Data usage per typical remediation
    4. Cellular security
  6. Deployment considerations
    1. Cell network availability
    2. Typical deployments
    3. Interface handling
    4. Quality of service
    5. Staying within your plan level
    6. Assessing your cellular vendor

The Q&A session was also very informative.

If you’ve got more questions about cellular out-of-band management, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Also, click here to download Dan’s Power Point presentation from NANOG 62!

Taking Your Cisco Out-Of-Band Management to the Next Level

Earlier this week I found some best practice recommendations from Cisco on securing and controlling out-of-band management for their Nexus 7000 series supervisor modules.  Although the recommendations made by Cisco are textbook examples for creating highly available and redundant remote management there are several ways Opengear can expand on those recommendations to help (more…)

Is it Time to Replace Your Legacy Terminal Servers?


BackgroundIt is not uncommon to see remote access solutions (terminal or console servers) still in the racks years after they were last upgraded or even covered by warranty.  There are several reasons for these “ghosts” or “zombies” as they are sometimes referred to:


All too often we talk to customers who have legacy serial console servers but have not upgraded them in years. This presents some challenges:  (more…)

How fast is fast?

How fast is LTE?

My conversations with customers about deploying LTE enabled Out-Of-Band always wind their way towards the inevitable question about speed.  I have lots of hard science in my back pocket to lob back at that one and have armed myself with lots of Mbps and RSSIs.  There are sites and FAQs on LTE speeds (spoiler alert – 20 Mbps in most cases) and your experience may vary based on location, signal strength and your speed orbiting around the sun. But I always wondered what the “human metric” might be so I decided to put it to the test.

1. Start with science:

I conducted a small experiment in my home using our latest generation OOB solution – the IM7200. This juggernaut is the Big Foot of the OOB arena. Not the furry guy but the pickup truck on steroids.  With a 1GHz processor and loaded with 256MB SDRAM this hulk has LTE fuel injection. I sometimes wonder if I should have a permit for this thing.

Big Foot:

IM7200 – The Big Foot of the OOB arena:

IM7200-Antenna-Side2-500 (more…)

What are these antennas doing on your OOB? – Presidio Exchange 2013

“What is that? OOB with antennas?”

This was my first year exhibiting at the Presidio Exchange and it was a great experience. The event draws over 1000 Presidio technicians and team members and we had a chance to speak to many of them at our table top booth to talk about how their customers could benefit from deploying Opengear solutions.  Like many shows we got lots of questions about the antennas on our console servers.

photo As the evening progressed it became very clear that while everyone understood the inherent value of our remote access solutions the idea of doing it over cellular links was very new.  But it made complete sense to everyone and that is actually not that surprising.  Each group had someone interested in the 3G/4G/LTE cellular options offered by Opengear.  Presidio in fact has an entire group dedicated to mobility and they were excited by what they saw. Traditionally the term mobility usually means either M2M equipment that hands off 3G/4G/LTE to remote equipment or it refers to the wide world of mobile workers. The mobility team members I talked with were very quick to see the application of cellular links to OOB as being very relevant to their team.   This seems one more indication just how wide spread cellular application are becoming to IT. (more…)