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Dude, where’s my RSSI?

The two most common questions that arise when we begin discussing cellular out-of-band is reception and security.  Today we’ll be covering cellular reception which is absolutely critical to maintaining a good connection to providing OOB access during network outages.   RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) is the measurement we rely on to determine the strength of a signal of the client to the access point (Opengear Cellular device to Cellular tower).  It is based on a value from -100 to 0.  In this case, the closer we get to zero the better signal, unfortunately, that concept doesn’t apply to college exams. We’ll touch upon a few of these factors that can affect RSSI and your deployment and also ways to overcome them.

Interface Anchorage 2014

The INTERFACE-Anchorage show is quickly becoming one of the Tour’s largest regional shows. If you happened to read Todd Rychecky’s post from last year’s show, the show recorded an impressive 350 attendees. This year there were over 450, with delegates from the military, local government, natural resources and education. The attendees were super excited to see Opengear back, and wondered what was new. Since last year, when we released the ACM5504-5-LX-I, we have introduced our award winning IM7200. It has quickly become the most advanced out-of-band management device on the market today. With the recent addition of Verizon to Anchorage, cellular is becoming more and more relevant in IT, especially in Alaska where (more…)

Opengear, the Next Big Thing in Out-Of-Band Management

So one might ask, who’s the best?

This question seems to get asked a lot as people make many important purchases; a new TV, car, smartphone, or even a console server, wink-wink. Research is an important part of the purchasing cycle. So, if you have been considering the purchase of an out-of-band management (OOBM) solution for your networks, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Within this report, you will find we do all the legwork for you.

There are a few important factors that go into purchasing a top-notch OOBM solution. Wasting no time, here they are. (more…)