ACM5500 meets nexus of forces

A couple of  gems from Gartner’s recent ITxpo, where we exhibited and attended the symposium:

• Most of the lead presentations built on Gartner’s notion of a “nexus of forces” – a term they coined a year ago to describe the convergence and mutual reinforcement of the social interaction, mobility, cloud, and information trends.

While these forces  were generally presented as opportunities to leverage information innovation, it was clear that each force poses threats to existing business practices for agencies, enterprises and SMBs.

However from talking with many CIOs and senior IT execs at the conference it was clear that while the cloud (global class access) and mobile (pervasive access) were key disruptors, these two forces were already in place. Whereas the newer waves (including Social Networking, Big Data and the Internet of Everything) were just starting to have significant impacts on business.

• It was proposed in a number of the key IoT (IoE?) presentations that the cost of not monitoring is set to become greater than the cost of monitoring. And “monitoring” here was presented as extending well beyond legacy applications and network performance monitoring. It embraces physical and operational sensors. Also the mission of this “monitoring” goes beyond providing status inputs for dashboards, and generating alerts.  Monitoring provides gathering points for big data (giving inputs to enable new business practices like predictive maintenance) and delivers real time info (that can be acted on automatically, on-site).

So given these gems and the receptive audience, it was opportune we chose to release our new ACM5504-5-G-W-I at ITxpo 🙂

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