Big Business Opportunity for MSPs

We recently exhibited our solutions to a crowd of thousands of IT professionals at MSPAlliance MSPWorld™: “The World’s Premier Managed Services and Cloud Computing Event.”  Our products and features were well received by both the MSP (Managed Services Providers) audience as well as the collocated ITEXPO conference attendees.  We witnessed in person, what the leading industry analysts firms have been reporting; that there is a huge opportunity out there for the next generation of MSP’s to expand their IT services businesses (e.g., Network, Servers, Applications, Storage) and to include OT (Operational Technology) services (e.g., Physical Environment, Power, Security, SCADA and M2M).  The fundamental requirements are the same for both OT and IT: real-time monitoring & management, access control, security, compliance enforcement, maintaining service levels, helpdesk ticketing, asset management, configuration management, green initiatives, and increasing their operational efficiency.

OFFERING MANAGED SERVICES WITH OPENGEAR REMOTE MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT GATEWAYSFor MSPs to survive and prosper in the future, they will need to expand their service offerings and solutions to include the marriage of IT and OT areas, as well as, being able to penetrate the broader market opportunities where OT and IT service gaps intersect.  Recent Gartner Research studies report that addressing OT regulations will be the fastest-growing area of company spending by 2015.  Additionally, cross-industry OT security investments in 2015 will be twice as much as the investments made in 2011 due to regulatory requirements, new laws, as well as, the major security breaches that are inevitably going to happen.  Strategic growth opportunities from the emerging convergence of IT and OT will produce immediate service needs that MSPs can fulfill.

The opportunistic MSPs that have embraced the emerging convergence of IT and OT will have more complete solution offerings and a better differentiated service platform that aid them against their competition and will lead the way for them into newer and expanded opportunities.

One area ripe for MSPs is to deploy secure Remote Monitoring and Management gateways (hardware agents) to their customersʼ sites and environments. These RMM hardware agents will act as a “virtual technician” gathering vital data, generating alerts and reports for centralized management software and most importantly, performing automated actions in response to varying pre-set conditions.  By deploying the secure RMM solutions, MSPs will be able to provide higher levels of service and support to their customers, without the need to have a larger technical staff – that would need to travel to customer locations thereby reducing a lot of unneeded expenses (being “virtually there”) thereby increasing the MSP’s profit potential.  A podcast recorded during MSPWorld gives an overview of our new range of products focused on MSPs.

Telecom Reseller publisher Doug Green speaks with Bob Waldie, Founder of Opengear

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