Cisco Live! 2013 Cancun, Mexico


This was another great Cisco event, the first time in South America for Opengear. The Moon Palace Resort , in Cancun was very welcoming, everyone super happy enjoying the local Caribbean hospitality. There was lots to see and do for all audiences. Spanish for the most part optional, but definitely useful. The locals at the show and in resort areas were more than happy to speak English, it was only when going into town when it became more difficult.


Most that stopped by had never really heard of Opengear. This was the main reason for being at the show. South America has been an area that hasn’t yet had much Opengear exposure. We do some business, but events like this only add to our success. It was evident that everyone throughout the world can benefit from Opengear’s out-of-band management solutions. It was exciting to see the reactions on many of the faces that stopped by the Opengear booth; when they finally found the solution to their problem. Some were literally in awe, as we described our products. Such as the New! IM7200, the ACM5000 and the swiss army knife of OOBM ACM5504-5. One potential customer said, “Really, cellular, flash storage, VPN, tftp-server, etc…” all for under $700 USD.

If you have never been to Cancun, Mx it is one place you have to visit. No better time than during Cisco Live, Cancun #clmex, please join us in 2014. You will not be disappointed…Mexican’s definitely know how to have a good time.IMG_1551

As Arnold says, “I’ll be back…”


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