Cisco Live Australia – 2013

Opengear stand at Cisco Live World of Solutions

From London to Melbourne to Orlando, the Cisco Live events provide a chance to meet face to face with the professionals who deploy and manage Cisco gear. It’s an invaluable opportunity for Cisco partners, like Opengear, to see and hear firsthand about both the successes our customers are having and the challenges that face them. Last week Opengear participated in Cisco’s Live event in Melbourne, Australia. The Opengear team of engineers and sales folks made the following observations.

  • All the market research and customer analysis pales in comparison to talking face to face with customers who use your product.

  • For resource strapped customers, doing more with less is the norm, so it feels good when you have a solution tailored perfectly to their needs.
  • Once again, Opengear was the ONLY Cisco partner with fully integrated cellular (3G and 4G/LTE) solutions.
  • Customers love it when they meet some of the engineers working to create Opengear products and when the engineers can understand the challenges faced by our customers.
  • Finally, it feels great when you have existing customers coming to the booth and giving you high-fives because our gear saved them time, money, reputation, and in more than a few cases, their job.

We thank Cisco for allowing us to be part of these events, and look forward to doing it again at Cisco Live in Orlando, FL, this June.

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