Dialing analog modems worldwide – not optimal

Ever tried dialing remote analog modems worldwide and run into line quality issues? It can be very disappointing to troubleshoot remote dialing problems from thousands of miles away. New additions in carrier compression technology even further degrade analog line quality making modem connections nearly impossible. To resolve this, many companies have set in place regional “jump boxes”, or outbound dialing gateways that reside in a specific region. These boxes are geographically located to reduce long distance overhead charges and significantly improved line quality in the localized area. The perfect device for this application is the ACM5003-M.  The ACM5003-M has a small footprint, global power supply, low cost and filled with comprehensive features that scale beyond a simple modem “jump box”.

Why are so many people still using POTS lines for remote management?  The answer is typically “lack of cellular coverage”, or “Service Provider Contracts”. The big carriers that provide massive MPLS networks to enterprise business have set in place complicated contracts that demand a POTS line for a remote modem session at each location for out-of-band admin access.  If no POTS line can be provided than the client must sign off on a non-conforming letter as a reprieve from contractual obligations.  Or, find a way to extend cellular coverage to remote locations to provide remote admin access for the service provider.  When faced with the decision to dig a trench for copper cabling or find a cellular solution the ROI on cellular becomes rather appealing. Fortunately, there are plenty of available supplements to increase cellular signal with low-loss cabling and antennas tuned for maximum coverage to allow for cellular connectivity to remote locations.



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