Dual Power Reliability at Remote Sites

Critical infrastructure in the data centre is typically equipped with two power supplies, using redundancy to ensure it continues to run in the event of a disruption to power distribution (due to power malfunction, equipment failure, user error or for maintenance). Dual power is a standard requirement for infrastructure being installed in modern data centres, for example the Opengear IM4200 rack mount console servers have two internal AC or DC power supplies for highly available DCIM.

However we have also had various customers seeking power feed failover/backup for much smaller RIM site applications – and were able to provide solutions that met their need based on the industrial ACM5xxx products. These ACM5004-2-I, ACM5004-2-G-I, ACM5508-2-I and ACM5504-5-G-I RIM gateways all have dual power inputs that are diode isolated. So they can be powered by either:

  1. Connecting +9V to 30 VDC to DC PWR and GND on the green screw terminal block, or
  2. Connecting 12VDC from an external AC/DC power supply (supplied with product) – or connecting an external 9 to 24 VAC source – to the PWR socket

Alternately the RIM gateway can have both power feeds connected to provide redundancy.  There’s no load sharing, as the individual power feed with the slightly higher output voltage would get to carry all the load. So the two power feeds don’t share the load.  However it is a “hot standby” solution so if one feed drops or fails ACM stays powered.

Specific customers who were seeking such RIM solutions included a telco looking for remote generator and fuel level monitoring at their edge POP sites; and required all on-site equipment to have redundant power feeds from the dual 48V DC on site battery supply. They connected the ACMs using two SDC48-12V external DC power adapters.

Another customer had a network of road-side monitoring locations – and used ACM cellular connections for local camera feed and status monitoring. While the sites all had mains power feeds, there was a desire for power backup. So the on-site ACMs were also connected to a small solar recharged battery.

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