Fortify Cisco Installations


“You put all the features in your console server I have been telling Cisco to do for years”

– From a Cisco router product manager at Cisco Live 2011

Cisco devices, like most all core communications equipment are outfitted with a serial RS-232 port for system console access. Access to this system console port during outages is absolutely vital and is the most direct method of diagnosing or fixing problems that will lead to quick recovery. Opengear console servers provide secure remote access to the Cisco serial console port both in band and out of band using built in modem, wireless 3G, or redundant path. Our connectivity solutions are tailored for both the datacenter and the remote branch office.

Automated Remote Management and Support
Proactively heal your Cisco network infrastructure using our Auto Reponse feature. Auto Response strengthens existing network & systems management with a unique ability to not only alert, but to take immediate local action to remedy network issues.
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Simple Cabling
Our IM/IMG/ACM line of advanced console servers are equipped with available Cisco friendly pinouts for easy, quick installation. Our IM/IMG products can be connected to Cisco equipment via Rolled Cable (-01) or Straight RJ 45 cable (-02). Our ACM5000 products can be connected to Cisco equipment via Straight RJ 45 cable.
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USB Flash for tftp server to store Cisco configuration files
Ever made config changes and turned your Cisco device into a brick?
We have, so we developed a solution that allows you to store local copies of configs on our USB flash for disaster recovery. This allows you to make backups of existing Cisco configurations before making changes, that way if you break it you can simply roll back the config. If your IOS has crashed and TFTP is not available you can use Xmodem to load IOS to local Cisco flash over the serial console port using Opengear console servers.
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Offline LogsStore offline logs on our USB flash to provide an audit trail, we log both the serial ports and the available networks to provide syslog, keylogging and a .pcap file for wireshark.
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Pattern Match Alerting
Opengear console servers can help you ensure uptime by proactively scanning the serial stream on the Cisco system console port for specific errors or phrases. We monitor the traffic on the serial port and will watch for user defined patterns or phrases and send alerts via SMS text or email based on pattern match.

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Hotkey Power on RPS/PDU
Imagine yourself having out of band access to a dead communications device that is entirely locked up in a frozen condition, simply hotkey via SSH or telnet to launch our power menu to check power status, power cycle, turn off or on. We have support for thousands of PDU/RPS units, both serial and SNMP connected units.
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AC or DC Power Options for Telco’s and Substations

Opengear products are available in Dual AC and Dual DC power options. DC power supplies can be connected to +/- 36V to 130V DC Power feeds which covers the range found in both Telco installations and Utility Substations.

Maintaining a distributed computing infrastructure requires immediate access to any device on a network at any time from any place in the world. All core communications devices and servers are outfitted with a serial console port, remotely accessing those serial ports provides a cost-effective way for centralized management and network uptime.

Serial console ports provide systems administrators the ability to monitor and manage network devices regardless if the device is working or not. Opengear provides secure, redundant connectivity for remote access to system console ports at remote branch offices or the datacenter. We help avoid unplanned downtime and maintain network operation even during outages.

Remote IT infrastructure management is critical to maintaining uptime, without it you could lose customers, lose profits, and find your company in regulatory non-compliance.


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