Interface Show Anchorage, AK

I have been going to technology tradeshows for 14 years and most of them are very large with thousands of attendees all looking for the next best bottle opener, pocket flashlight or stress ball. Three weeks ago Opengear attended the Interface Show in Anchorage, Alaska, our first time at a smaller, more intimate regional technology show. Although the flight there was a bit of a slog, the enthusiasm and excitement of the show delegates and exhibitors made it all worthwhile. Over 350 people attended the single day show, coming to learn about the latest in technology innovation and how it could improve their businesses. Our recently released ACM5504-5-L-I LTE out-of-band management device was a huge hit with companies wanting a competitive advantage and looking for faster speeds, lower latency and improved network efficiency.

While there I learned that AT&T is the dominant cellular provider in Alaska, although Verizon will be there in the next 2 months to offer competition. We have our customers and prospects covered either way since we offer products that operate on both cellular networks. I will be back again next year. How can you not want to return for those fresh halibut cheeks?!Interface Anchorage Alaska

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