Interface Show Oklahoma City, OK

The recent Interface Show in Oklahoma City was the first time this event was held in Oklahoma and by the traffic and attendee estimates, it did not disappoint with well over 250 delegates walking the floor and going to workshops.  The turnout was so impressive that next year the event will be held at the Cox Convention Center.

I spoke with clients who work in the oil fields, natural gas pipelines, weather station towers, large university campuses and public school districts.  The common theme was that out-of-band management is important.  Why?  A network problem never happens when you are sitting at your desk.  It happens on the weekend, when you are at a movie, in the middle of your kid’s baseball game or when you are doing one of Oklahoma’s favorite past-times, noodling.

Opengear cellular out-of-band solutions provide network engineers with a comprehensive platform for mobile computing, doing things remotely and on the go.  Accessing mission critical network infrastructure from a mobile device is the future of managing and remediating issues with routers, switches or UPS systems.  The future is now at Opengear. With over 50 cellular products to choose from we have a solution for harsh physical environments and demanding business enterprises.

Oklahoma was recently recognized as the cheapest place to live in the United States.  All that money being saved on living expenses has translated, as I personally witnessed, into some nicely crafted saddles for riding off into the sunset.  See you next time!

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