Internet Radio – I want my (M)usic (O)n (L)ine

262293When I was in Middle School, about the time of the boom box, I would pop in a cassette tape and record my favorite songs from a live radio station feed.  It could take your entire summer to get all your favorite songs on both sides of a 90 minute tape but when it was finished you had the right music, it was predictive and you could drive your Datsun 610 down the road with a sense of musical accomplishment.

Now fast forward 30 years to internet radio that uses algorithms, codified genomes and musical genes to predict your musical preferences.  My interest in internet radio is from my experience working with the companies who provide these services.  At Opengear we design the out-of-band management solutions they use to build redundant management LAN’s for their network infrastructure and power.  As the expansion and footprint of high-speed cellular networks grows, so does the pervasive access to these popular streaming services.

I spent this past Labor Day weekend in Beaver Creek, CO at Oktoberfest.  It was my last opportunity of the season to ride to the top of the mountain and back down again.  I was looking forward to this ride as I got some new ear buds and have been “favoriting” music to create the 2000’s version of my favorite cassette tape.  My only concern was what kind of reception would I get after I hit shuffle and took off, not so much at the top of the mountain, but would I still get music running down the single tracks in the middle of a forest?  I was not disappointed, enjoying an incredible 15 mile ride listening to everything the service knew I would like.

Internet Radio is a mission critical application for the businesses and the sponsors who buy ads.  They must be up 100% of the time to guarantee their listeners a positive, uninterrupted experience.  Out-of-band management is a critical component to providing guaranteed service level agreements to the advertisers and a great ride for the person with the new ear buds.

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