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For out-of-band deployments, enterprises are utilizing Lighthouse which allows network engineers to seamlessly connect and manage devices anywhere. Organizations are already seeing results from this software and to continue our commitment to customers, the Opengear team has decided to change our current Lighthouse model to Subscription Pricing.

So, why is Opengear changing our current model to this and what does it mean for you? Here’s what you should know.

The changes

This change will occur in January 2019. Owners of current licenses will be able to complete their existing term of maintenance to completion. No features will be disabled but unless they convert to subscription pricing they won’t be able to upgrade their Lighthouse instance. Current license owners are able to receive discounted subscription pricing when converting. Each license is sold as a one year term and to allow organizations to match hardware warranties or front load the cost in a capex style, organizations can purchase up to four one year licenses at a time. Each license will include access to software, updates and support for the duration of the term.

Opengear recognizes that organizations scale over time and they may need to purchase additional nodes. We have made it so that when more nodes are needed, they can be purchased in any amount. When this is done, a new license key will be created and customers will be able to seamlessly apply that to their Lighthouse instance.

Customer commitment

Since 2004, Opengear has been providing solutions to customers allowing them to decrease deployment costs, reduce manual operations and guarantee repeatability. The Opengear team believes that by changing to a subscription-based pricing model we will be continuing our commitment to customers by providing new features faster and more efficiently. As we become a more software forward company, this change will allow our organization to exceed customers’ expectations with smart and resilient solutions.

In September, Opengear will be releasing a vendor-neutral NetOps Automation Platform that will significantly streamline network and infrastructure operations. This full-featured network automation solution will be used with Lighthouse to aggregate organization’s out-of-band infrastructure, enabling local and remote users to quickly access any connected console.

For more information about subscription sales or NetOps Automation, please reach out to your Opengear Sales Representative.