Manage Force10 Switches using RS232

Dell Force 10 Serial Console Port Pinout

Even the most current next generation line of datacenter products still relies on the RS232 serial console port for remote access.  Dell’s new Force10 Z9000 line of enterprise class switches rely on USB or Serial RS232 console ports for troubleshooting and configuration. Having the USB option is a nice feature, if you are standing in front of the device with a laptop and 3 foot USB cord.  Not always is it feasible to be physically at the rack with a laptop, this is why the RS232 serial console port is still the most trusted way of gaining remote access to networking equipment and servers.

What if?
What if your automated bare metal provisioning failed?  How will you access the switch remotely? What if DHCP is not permitted?  How can you bare metal provision the Force10 switch without DHCP?  What is the backup plan?

The RS232 serial console port.Easily connect to your Dell Force 10 Zeta 9000 RS232 Serial Consol Port

We provide rock solid remote access In-Band or Out-Of-Band using a variety of connectivity options include secure wireless 3G access.  Our solutions have been designed to reduce MTTR to and allow enterprise customers and partners to meet SLA’s.

Cabling the Dell Force 10 Serial Console Port
We designed our RJ45 ports on our console servers to connect directly to the Dell Force10 RS232 console port using a straight through CAT5 cable.  We have enough experience with sys admins to know decoding serial pinouts and keeping track of dongles is not fun. So, we made it brilliantly easy to install and attach cabling.

Access to this system console port during outages is absolutely vital and is the most direct method of diagnosing or fixing problems that will lead to quick recovery. Opengear console servers provide secure access to the Dell Force10 serial console port both In-Band and Out-Of-Band using built in modem, wireless 3G, or redundant path. Our connectivity solutions are tailored for both the datacenter and the remote branch office.

Automated Remote Management and Support
Proactively heal your Dell network infrastructure using our Auto Response feature. Auto Response strengthens existing network & systems management with a unique ability to not only alert, but to take immediate local action to remedy network issues.
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