Networks Are Now Easier to Manage Wirelessly

Back in February, Sprint officially certified the first of our console server products for use on their network, the ACM5004-GS. As we launched this amazingly powerful remote management device, Sprint wrote the following:

“Did you hear that just now? It was the sound of another cord being cut.

No longer does an enterprise have to maintain a specific wired connection to allow for remote access and troubleshooting of Sprint Managed Network Solutions managed routers. Opengear, an infrastructure management solutions company, has introduced a wireless modem that enables this remote management at a lower cost – and with easier setup – than a wired connection.

They call it the ACM5004-GS. Yes, it’s an alphanumeric mouthful, but it serves a simple and important purpose: allowing IT managers a range of connectivity options to easily manage their critical infrastructure at local and remote sites. The result is greater uptime and a greater assurance of business continuity.”  (Editor, Sprint Worldwide, Feb. 12, 2014)

Since then, we have also introduced a Sprint-certified model of our popular IM4200 series of Infrastructure Managers. The IM4248-2-DAC-X2-GS-US is even more of an alphanumeric mouthful, but it is just as efficient at providing serial console-port connectivity, power management and monitoring, remote storage of offline logs and running configuration files, all while providing a cost-competitive out-of-band alternative to the traditional POTS line.

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