New centralized dialing with Lighthouse 4.0

The datacoms world has totally changed since Dale Heatherington and Dennis Hayes created the world’s first PC modem in 1977. But, there’s still a lots of sites out there that can only be accessed out-of-band via a PSTN dial-in over a land line and the modern notebooks and tablets that our admins carry today no longer have internal modems.

One of the features included in the new Lighthouse 4.0 release is Centralized dial-out capability. Centralized dial-out delivers greater flexibility for connecting to remote sites out-of-band via analog modem connection and eliminates the need for remote admins to carry an external modem.  Lighthouse provides a centralized location for remote admins to access and trigger a dial session from an IP accessible Opengear device with modems attached.

This feature also remedies international line quality issues from trying to use compressed PSTN lines and dialing globally by using distributed Opengear devices to dial within the region.

Video overview of Centralized Dialing

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