Opengear presents at Networking Field Day 4

Gestalt IT’s fourth datacenter networking-focused Field Day event was held on October 10 through 12 in Silicon Valley.  This unique event brings together innovative IT product vendors and independent thought leaders, allowing them to get to know one another. It is a dynamic forum for engagement, education, hands-on experience, and feedback.

Opengear proudly presented our products, solutions and discussed the emerging connectivity market for M2M, Internet of Things and beyond.  The true vision of “global connectivity” was a focus as it relates to our upcoming WAP enabled industrial cellular routers that will hit the market later this month.  A special thanks! goes out to the delegates who took time away from their busy lives to engage with us during this event.

The full video presentation can be found online here.  and the Flickr stream is located here.

Jared Mallett – Product Marketing Manager presents at NFD4 in San Jose

Delegates kicked off lively conversations about our products and solutions on Twitter during the live event.

More can be found @ #nfd4 and

Massive and diverse customer base from @opengear_AU and their team. Impressive defence and contractor list. #NFD4

#NFD4 @Opengear So having embedded Nix shell sitting at a remote site in OOB for tshooting is slick. Throw an interpreter on it & go crazy.

I’m really excited to have an @Opengear unit. I’ve wanted one since reading @packetlife‘s review years ago.

RT @networkstatic @OpenGear is next #NFD4: I heart OOB, allows for lazy lab building.  < I prefer the term “ad-hoc” 🙂

RT @mrtugs#NFD4 is now streaming presentation from OpenGear (@opengeardev). Check it out at

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