Opengear sponsors American Cancer Society event

Opengear over the years has supported many causes to help people and the communities they live in so when IntelePeer asked if we would like to participate in their 5th annual golf tournament benefiting the American Cancer Society we were more than willing to make a donation.  For over 100 years the American Cancer Society has been leading the way to transform cancer from deadly to preventable.  Being able to contribute to this special cause is a great honor.

The golf tournament was fun but I was paired with some really terrible golfers who were more interested in when the drink cart would be coming back by than their next approach shot to the green.  Opengear sponsored hole #16 and it turned out to be the most popular hole on the course.  Hole #16 had a gorgeous mountain back drop, tee box 70 feet above the green and 180 yards to the pin.  Our worst player in this team scramble always had good advice for everyone on what club to use, how hard to hit it and if we were bending our elbow too much on our back swing.  Unfortunately for our team, he didn’t heed his own advice.

Stay tuned as we look to release some news on IntelePeer and how they chose to replace their Cisco terminal servers with Opengear to manage their cloud infrastructure product offering.  My teammate, our worst player, is actually the network engineer who uses the product.  He is a product champion and loves all the features, functionality and flexibility of the IM4200.  Since that’s the case, I can take his technical advice on the golf course.  He can’t golf and I can’t configure a router.  See you next time!

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