Out-of-band networking that can survive extended temperatures

INTERFACE ’13 Phoenix, AZ

Opengear is participating in the INTERFACE ’13 tour and the most recent show was Interface 13 Phoenixlocated in in sunny Scottsdale, AZ where the temperature felt similar to an oven set to bake in the shade and broil in direct sunlight.

Opengear out-of-band management solutions were a welcome addition to the field of tech companies showcasing the latest in IT trends and technologies to a field of local delegates. The Phoenix metro area is better knowns as the “Valley of the Sun”, which would be an ideal proving ground for our out-of-band management products designed for extended operating temperature range. Delegates from local utilities took keen interest in our ACM5000 & ACM5500 line of cellular out-of-band products available in high temp models to serve this  harsh Arizona environment.

Security was the focus of keynote speakers and given the recent press regarding the NSA and PRISM project leaks, it was a fitting topic that led to discussions regarding cellular out-of-band access and how it can be hardened for high security. Visitors left the Opengear booth fully informed on the latest in securing cellular communications for out-of-band access to help improve business continuity and some of the lucky ones got cool Opengear keychains.

Securing cellular out-of-band products begins with wireless carrier services such as Private IP’s to avoid the public internet entirely. These Private IP services deliver a VRF directly into the carrier VLAN and supplies IPSec access for an end-to-end secure, wireless management LAN.

Current users that subscribe to Ethernet or MPLS services with Private IP can extend that segment to include the cellular Opengear devices for wired and wireless management access. Leading the pack in this offering is Verizon, who recently announced Private IP services in 16 Equinix Data Centers. Now, users can have in-band and out-of-band access on a locked down private network and mitigate any initial security risks common to interface facing wireless devices.

In the past we have used phrases to describe our products and solutions like “virtually there” and “it’s like a virtual technician”, these really do apply to an environment like Phoenix, AZ in June. Stay inside, work remotely and enjoy the air conditioning knowing you have remote management options with Opengear.

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