Replace old external modems

Still using old external modems connected to your infrastructure?  
History shows dial up modems have proven to be a vital asset for accessing equipment in remote locations.  Would you believe there are thousands of companies using old external modems for dial up access?  Trust us, there are more unsecured external modems installed than security experts would like to know about.  A week will not pass before we speak to a new prospective customer looking to replace traditional external modems.

We understand, and we have solutions to bring you into compliance with modern security protocols and standards.

Dial up modems give you access to one device at a remote site, which is not ideal if you are responsible for maintaining the network infrastructure.  At Opengear, we designed the next generation of remote site monitoring and management products for enterprise customers and SMB’s.  We embedded these features in our line of console server products.  We have a flexible open source platform that scales from 1-48 ports in over 150 models.  Our goal is to enable connectivity for all the products at remote locations including:

  • Serial Console Ports
  • Battery Backup Systems (UPS)
  • Power Distribution (PDU)
  • Ethernet Management Ports
  • Environmental Monitoring
We have several connectivity options including Cellular, Redundant Path and secure V.92 modem access.  Opengear devices provide Encryption, AAA, Offline Logs, User access control, full firewall and advanced set of rules for automating remote tasks.
Replace Unsecured Modems at Remote Locations

Scrap the modem, call us for more information on a solution that meets your needs.

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