Ridgey Didge Remote Management

You little beauty!

This week I’m doing my worst for Australian cultural stereotypes at the annual internal sales event of our biggest Norwegian reseller, ATEA Next Step.  Unfortunately for me, fancy dress is not optional.

When I was invited along by TD Tech, our disti partner for the Nordics, I jumped at the chance to visit Europe’s most beautiful (probably) and most expensive (definitely, for beer at least) country.

We’ve had a good deal of success in Norway with projects providing remote management including nationwide network backhaul and IT teams supporting the healthcare industry.  Interestingly, all of these projects have used cellular wireless for out-of-band remote access, rather than PSTN or DSL which is the more traditional (some might say legacy) alternative.

This to me speaks to Scandinavia’s reputation as a region of early adopters, always seeking better solutions through high technology.  With cellular remote management now well and truly having proved itself as a best fit solution for remote management, we’re looking forward to replicating this success across Europe and the world.

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