Solutions for AVAYA™ Installs

Avaya White Paper Customers and Partners of Avaya have been met with challenge to monitor and manage both Avaya equipment and converged devices installed remotely at premise locations.  Converged devices are typically core switches and routers to provide the fabric for network connectivity.  These same installations also rely on UPS systems for battery backup during power outages. If any of these components fail the disruption to produc­tivity can be costly.The current Avaya solution to this problem is the SAL Secure Access Link, a hardware and software solution to manage Avaya devices remotely.  This is a viable solution, however it does not scale to include connectivity to converged devices, UPS systems or out-of-band access. The Avaya solution requires customers to use corporate internet connections to communicate to the SAL Concentrator.Out-of-band access to distributed IT equipment has been crucial for enterprise customers to eliminate the need for onsite remote IT staff or service calls to handle outages.  Not only does this save travel costs, but out-of-band access also reduces recovery time in the event of unplanned outages to ensure remote site productivity.  For partners servicing enterprise customers, there is no substitute for secure out-of-band access.
The Avaya SAL architecture will require customers to deploy and manage a server for remote access and expensive monthly subscription services to Avaya. This is both costly and limited in function.Avaya Partners require a reliable remote management solution that would:

  • Minimize on-site service calls in response to service disruptions
  • Provide a secure, flexible Out-Of-Band solution to ensure uptime
  • Cost effective and scalable alternative to Avaya SAL 

The Opengear Solution
Working closely with Opengear, Avaya partners discovered they could optimize their service offering by deploying a next generation communication management solution that went beyond the offerings of the Avaya SAL solution. The Opengear solution allowed partners to scale service offerings to converged devices, battery backup units and secure out-of-band connectivity.  Opengear devices alert technicians and pro-actively heal Ayava infrastructure using tools designed for auto-remediation. Having this type of solution in place helps both the IT staff and Avaya partner provide more proactive technical support, reduced on-site visits and enhance management of the communication infrastructure.

Automatic Remote Management and Support
Auto Response monitors and collects data from the network, servers, managed devices and sensors located at remote sites. If an alert condition is raised, the Opengear device will automatically trigger actions and resolve incidents based on pre-approved operations.

By automating these resolutions the Opengear device reduces the time that most standard management tools take to find the problem, and often before users even knew there was an issue. What could amount to hours or days of downtime can be avoided by implementing Auto Response.

Out-Of-Band Connectivity
Opengear devices allow for secure remote connectivity using v.92 dial up access, premise ethernet and 3G cellular options.  Avaya partners require secure remote access to meet SLA’s and reduce MTTR.  Opengear remote access devices enable secure, independent and low cost connectivity.  Cellular data plans can be as low as $5.00 per month for each remote location.

Connect to premise equipment using:

  • V.92 Modem
  • Cellular Network
  • Multiple Ethernet Paths

Opengear – Advanced console servers for remote site management
Opengear console servers monitor distributed IT infrastructure devices including core switching, routers, access points, firewalls, load balancers, servers, and provide a unique ability to automate power reboots and manage UPS systems.  We provide IT experts secure access to all devices to perform in-depth diagnostics and troubleshooting within seconds of an incident, and before it affects productivity at the remote site.

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