The Opengear NetOps Automation™ platform builds on the Lighthouse centralized management software, with containerized NetOps Modules to automate specific functions within the IT workflow.

VIDEO: If you’ve ever wished your out-of-band management network would take care of itself, you need to check out Lighthouse 5 and the Opengear RESTful API.

The all new Lighthouse 5 centralized management solution is demo’d by Rob Waldie, Opengear Distinguished Engineer, at Tech Field Day Cisco Live.

The IM7200 enables complete management of your entire IT infrastructure in a single device. With 8 – 48 ports, you can provide Smart OOB™ to all your devices.

Take a look at the Resilience Gateway. Designed specifically for remote networks and offering best in class Smart OOB™ that supports high levels of network continuity.