Does Opengear have the smartest, most resilient solutions for managing network infrastructure? We think so. But don’t take our word for it… hear what our customers have to say.



Miovision helps smart cities optimized vehicle flow at high-traffic intersections.

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Non-profit / Healthcare

Opengear provides needed connectivity to support lifesaving work

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Secura Cloud Hosting

Secura Hosting Gains Return On Investment In Just 7 Months With Smart OOB™

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ALOHA Cabled Observatory

Uses Opengear’s Resilient Online Connectivity to enable research on the ocean floor.

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More Case Studies

power to the people

“I SSH’d into the Opengear console server, got access to the Juniper SRX perimeter FW, and then added a temporary NAT configuration that exposed the PDU to the Internet. I was able to now access the PDU directly from 35K feet in the air.”
Jason Edelman
“OpenGear has created a product called the Resilience Gateway. Not only does the device give you remote control of your gear, it can be used as a pathway to re-establishing connectivity when your primary WAN is down. How sweet is that?”
Josh Kittle
“Did your ears prick up when they said 4G backup network? A lot of customers’ ears did, OpenGear got requests for that 4G backup to be available for the production network. Now OpenGear has a device that will seamlessly provide 4G failover for your existing WAN.”
Alastair Cooke

Opengear customers