Firmware Update on an Opengear Console Server




Watch as Michel Daviller, Sales Engineer at Opengear, shows you several ways to do a firmware upgrade on an Opengear console server. We deploy periodic feature releases and interim patch releases — your best bet for staying current on firmware updates


Hi, Michel Daviller, Sales Engineer at opengear and today I will present you a video about Firmware Upgrade. We can upgrade the console server from the web interface. The command line with the netflash command or a USB stick plugged into the Opengear. All current firmware can be downloaded from the Opengear ftp website at this address.

Select the right flash file for your Opengear model. You can be notified for new firmware updates at this link. And get access to the firmware download page and release notes. We do periodic feature release and interim patch releases. Configuration is migrated automatically across upgrades, but not downgrades. It is important to back up the current configuration before to upgrade. It is critical that power is not lost during the upgrade process. Let’s see it in video.

From the web interface of the Opengear console server, we open a root session, and then we check the firmware version. Here it’s 3.12.3 and we do the backup of the configuration. So just click on the backup button and then save the backup. So now to perform the firmware upgrade we go the the firmware tab. Choose the right firmware. We will upgrade to 3.15.0. Open, and here we can put an option to force downgrade, for example, with -i. But we will not use it. Just apply and it will launch the download of the firmware and the firmware upgrade. Once the firmware has been downloaded to the Opengear, the firmware upgrade starts. Do not power down the unit while the firmware is being upgraded and after it reboots the firmware will be upgraded.

Let’s login again. And now we see that the firmware is 3.15.0. So the Opengear has been upgraded. What we do now is a firmware upgrade from the command line. Let’s check first the firmware version. We are using 3.15.0 and will upgrade to 3.15.1. We have to first save the configuration. We can copy the config file using FTP to a remote location. Now we will use the netflash command to do the firmware upgrade. We use netflash command with the IP address of the TFTP server (2:33) , name of the firmware file. In this case I am using the minus key option to see the firmware download into the Opengear. The file is around 12MB for an acm5500. The file has been downloaded and the upgrade will be done after we reboot. After reboot let’s check the firmware version. We are now in 3.15.1.

In this last part of the video, we’ll see how to do a firmware upgrade from a USB key connected to the Opengear. First, you have to copy the firmware file into the USB key and plug the USB key into the Opengear. Now let’s check the device name of the USB key. In our case it is sdb1. So let’s mount sdb1. Let’s see the content of the USB key. So we have our firmware flash ready. Now we can perform the firmware upgrade. I’m using, again, the minus key option just to see the firmware download. The firmware has been copied for them USB key to the Opengear and the Opengear will reboot. After 2 minutes, the Opengear has rebooted. Please keep the USB Key connected until the Opengear reboots. Now we can check the firmware version. And we are now in 3.15.2.

Thanks for watching this video.