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NetOps Automation

NetOps for your Network

DevOps tools are increasingly applied to networking, creating a NetOps approach to building and maintaining a reliable infrastructure to support the virtualized world – a network that is both available and agile. One approach to introducing NetOps into an enterprise is to layer it into an existing solution, adding functionality and flexibility to a familiar component of your infrastructure.

A Smart Out-of-Band management network already provides presence and proximity to your critical devices, and so is well-placed to bring NetOps automation to your network. The ability to run standard NetOps tools, such as Docker, Ansible, and Python on a console server provides a new way to automate your operations at centralized and remote locations.


The OM Family of Console Servers

That solution now exists, in the new Opengear OM Family of Console Servers – Network Management appliances that combine the capabilities of a Smart OOB Console Server with the flexibility of NetOps Automation. They feature an x86 CPU to power automation tools, and a TMP2.0 chip for embedded security.

The compact OM1200 appliance is designed specifically for secure edge deployments, used in combination with Lighthouse Management Software, while the OM2200 appliance is configured for data centers and high density locations.

Integrated into Opengear’s Network Resilience Platform, they provide a separate, secure management plane which supports emerging requirements in Network Management and Automation.


NetOps For Your Network

We’re proud to be the market leader in Out of Band Management, knowing that our customers rely on us to ensure always on access to their network. As demands increase and new network requirements emerge, we’ve continually evolved our solutions to meet those needs, such as being the first to offer an embedded LTE cellular module. And now, we’re excited to announce the next evolution of Smart OOB, with our new NetOps Console Server.

NetOps For Your Network

An Out-of-Band network is no longer just a response for those 3am calls, to get quick access to your network in an outage. From secure Day One deployments, to every day management of your devices, Out-of-Band and NetOps functionality is always useful 24/7, no matter what is happening.

The new NetOps Console Servers (our OM appliances) provide the secure access to console ports you expect from an Opengear solution, plus the automation ability of standard NetOps tools. Engineers can now deploy one appliance at each location, which will provide them with secure remote access. It will also enable presence and proximity which will serve as a base for programmability and automation of network management. Running on a x86 CPU, they support off the shelf Docker applications and a Python runtime environment.

These new console servers add a level of intelligence beyond normal Out-of-Band management:

  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0): Ensure firmware security and configuration integrity even when deployed at a remote, unsecured location.
  • Open architecture using standard NetOps tools: Ansible, Docker and GiT can all be used so that organizations can deploy Opengear, third party or their own automation on the console server
  • Smart OOBTM, which also includes support for VLAN when using the OM series
  • Automated Port Discovery: Discover, identify and verify attached devices on the local network
  • Embedded LTE-A Global cellular modem: Access devices from anywhere using any carrier

OM1200 NetOps Console Server

Providing presence and proximity at every location, the OM1200 appliance is specifically designed for secure edge deployments, with 4-8 serial ports and a 4-8 port ethernet switch. Used in combination with Lighthouse Management Software, it is a key component of Opengear’s Network Resilience Platform, supporting the emerging requirements of network management and automation.

OM2200 NetOps Console Server

Combining the capabilities of Smart Out-of-Band and the flexibility of NetOps automation, the OM2200 appliance is built to meet the demands of data centers and high density locations, with 8-48 serial console ports. Like the smaller OM1200, it enables secure automated provisioning over LTE-A before the production network is live

The Network Resilience Platform, from Opengear

The Network Resilience Platform is built on the Lighthouse management software which orchestrates a remote network of Smart OOBTM Opengear appliances and NetOps Console Servers. The platform provides secure access to network devices, and automates common NetOps processes, via a separate management plane independent of the production network.

Why is a separate management plane so important? Current architecture assumes that an organization relies on their production network to manage that same network. This is dangerous because when an issue occurs, an engineer may not have access to that production network. The production network is also accessed by a wide group of users making it vulnerable to hacking. A separate, secure management plane, in the form of an out-of-band management network, ensures access to remediate even during an outage or network congestion. It also allows administrators to lock down many features in the production network to improve security. All network configuration and management is carried out on the management plane, of which access is restricted to only the core network team. You can think of it as “The Network Admin’s Network”.

The Network Resilience Platform allows Out-of-Band to move beyond just emergency access. The platform extends management access to the edge of the infrastructure through an always on management plane that is resilient to disruptions in the production network. Whether it’s for Day One provisioning, responding to a network outage, or every day management of devices, Opengear can handle it. It’s Smart Out-of-Band and NetOps. Together.

To learn more about adding the new NetOps Console servers to your existing IM7200, ACM700 and CM7100 deployments visit:

NetOps Secure Provisioning Module

NetOps Secure Provisioning Module

The Opengear NetOps Automation™ platform builds on the Lighthouse centralized management software, with containerized NetOps Modules to automate specific functions within the IT workflow.

These modules are built as Docker containers and accessed through the Lighthouse GUI, with an open API allowing third parties to also develop modules to be used in the platform. Module licenses can be purchased through your Opengear reseller or the third party module developer