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Network Resilience for Financial Companies

The boom in network technology has come with its share of benefits and challenges for finance companies. More customers are choosing to do their banking online, and transactions and stock trades occur in milliseconds. These advancements have made banking easier and spurred growth for financial companies, but they’ve also introduced critical vulnerabilities and network challenges. Challenges that finance companies need to address in order to maintain their credibility, comply with regulations, and keep their competitive edge.

  1. Network challenges specific to Financial companies
  2. What is Smart Out-of-Band and how does it fit as a solution?
  3. Case studies from financial companies deploying Smart Out-of-band

Dylan Schafer
Regional Sales Manager, South Region


Achieving Network Resilience in Retail

Achieving Network Resilience in Retail

Keep the doors open and your retail locations running smoothly with a Smart Out-of-Band network.

The retail industry is relying more and more on network connectivity. Cash registers, ATMs, Inventory management systems, security, they all require a reliable network to work. A disruption can potentially prevent a store or branch office from functioning. Every minute a site remains offline can result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue, brand damage and dissatisfied customers. A Smart Out-of-band network is the insurance your retail network infrastructure needs to ensure it doesn’t skip a beat, even in the face of an outage.

  1. Challenges specific to retail networks
  2. What is Smart Out-of-Band and what is needed to deploy it
  3. Actual case studies from retail companies deploying Smart Out-of-band

Joe Valha
Director of Sales – West at Opengear


Smart is Good. Resilient is Even Better!

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