Steve Cummins, VP of Marketing at Opengear, interviews IT leaders to find out what keeps them up at night, what they see in current industry trends, and how they manage as they Live on the Edge of their network.

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Putting the “F.U.N” Back into Networking

Roy Chua – Founder and Principal at AvidThink

From his early days at Cisco, to founding SDxCentral and AvidThink, Roy has tracked many of the trends in modern networking. He shares his  views on SDN and SD-WAN, and how NetOps is changing the way networks are managed.


Zero Touch Management: The Future of Out-of-Band?

Todd Rychecky – VP Americas at Opengear

Serial ports were “old news” twenty years ago when Todd started selling console servers. And yet today, they seem more relevant than ever. He talks about the evolution of console servers and out-of-band management, and how companies are now looking for “zero touch” solutions.


NEXT UP: Rolling with the Cable Industry

Jay Rolls – Former CTO at Charter Communications

How is the cable industry adapting to the current technology trends? Jay Rolls, having held senior technology roles at both Charter Communications and Cox Communications, shares his views on automation, edge networks and 5G: Are they an opportunity or a threat? Friend or Foe? The answer, of course, is “yes”.