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What is Lighthouse Enterprise?

Lighthouse is a centralized management solution that enables secure Smart Out-of-Band Management and NetOps automation through a single portal. Gain remote access to Opengear console servers and third-party devices through an easy and simple to use Java-free portal.

Lighthouse Enterprise Features

  1. Remote IP Access – Use IP based protocols to reach the devices on your network
  2. Secure Provisioning – Automate tasks, run customizable scripts, and distribute files securely to deployment sites
  3.  Network Visibility – Central network hub and management portal for your Opengear and third party network devices
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  • Your company must be an existing Opengear appliance customer
  • The free trial is for new Lighthouse Enterprise customers only and is not valid for organizations currently evaluating Lighthouse, or those with existing Enterprise licenses
  • Customers with a standard Lighthouse subscription may be considered for a 3 month upgrade to the Enterprise license
  • The promotion is valid for new users who register by May 31st, unless otherwise announced on this webpage
  • The trial subscription will expire three months from the date of issuance
  • At the end of the trial, you will be contacted by an Opengear rep to discuss additional plans