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Remote Management Appliances Designed for reducing downtime in Avaya and Cisco Networks

Opengear New Product Release

This year at Usenix LISA Expo 2011 we announced the Opengear IM4216-34, a high capacity infrastructure management gateway that proactively monitors and maintains the health of all the IT equipment in data centers and remote locations; delivering faster troubleshooting and problem resolution.

“IT and security organizations are stretched to the max and must make do with fewer resources these days while still maintaining high levels of responsiveness. At Opengear, we understand the needs of IT and security staff and that’s why we are launching the IM4216-34 to help IT administrators and security staff achieve 24/7 uptime through the proactive secure management of remote equipment at datacenters and co-location facilities,” said John Bedrick, CMO and VP of Product Management at Opengear.
New Product Opengear has announced the Opengear IM4216-34

Opengear Products Proactively Heal Network Infrastructure

Opengear devices enable systems administrators to remotely monitor, manage, and control network equipment from anywhere in the world even if the network is down. Using our Auto Response feature, we enable systems administrators to design policies for automatic remediation of network infrastructure issues.

By automating these resolutions the Opengear device reduces the time that most standard management tools take to find the problem, and often it can be repaired before users even knew there was an issue. What could amount to hours or days of downtime can be avoided by implementing Auto Response.

Out-Of-Band Connectivity
Opengear devices allow for secure remote connectivity using v.92 dial up access, premise Ethernet and 3G cellular options. Avaya and Cisco partners require secure remote access to meet SLA’s and reduce MTTR. Opengear remote access devices enable secure, independent and low cost connectivity. Cellular data plans can be as low as $5.00 per month for each remote location.

See it in action with our online demo!

SSi Uses Opengear To Remotely Access IT Equipment In The Harshest Climates on Earth
SSi is a recognized leader in providing remote and rural Internet connectivity to some of the harshest climates on Earth. SSi delivers broadband Internet via an advanced satellite delivery platform, as well as local distribution services using licensed and unlicensed wireless technologies.

“Opengear provides us a unique, secure remote console access to our equipment including Cisco devices, satellite modems and environmental monitors,” said Erik Sejr, Satellite Network Tech at SSi. “With its open source license, Opengear doesn’t charge us ongoing licensing fees despite their constant software development. The scale of their 48 port console server allows us to have access to pretty much everything with one unit.” .

Robert Waldie, VP Business Development UK & Europe discusses Protecting Critical Network Infrastructure at Distributed Sites
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MSPAlliance MSPWorld Miami Beach, February 1-3, 2012. Booth #831
Opengear is coming to Miami! MSPWorld will be collocated with ITEXPO. The event will take place February 1-3, 2012, at the Miami Beach Convention Center Miami, Florida . Since its inception, MSPWorld has been the only event with a single, vendor-agnostic focus of supporting Managed Service providers and their respective ecosystems.