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RMM Gateways, Opengear's newest line of Remote Monitoring and Management appliances

Business Continuity - Are you prepared for network downtime?

Opengear makes it easy for IT staff to remotely monitor and manage their network infrastructure, whether on the road, in an office, or even from home. Our powerful suite of software features proactively track device status, and can fix problems before they become a crisis.

From telephony, conferencing and underlying networking hardware, to back up power systems and desktop PCs, the enterprise is reliant on a disparate array of systems from a multitude of vendors. These systems form the backbone of day-to-day operations across various locations, and faults and failures can leave an enterprise hamstrung.

It is therefore critical to develop a strategy that addresses the secure monitoring and control of these systems, that enables fault notification, instant remediation and secure out-of-band access when problems do occur, in order to safeguard business continuity. A complete out-of-band management solution must have integrated physical connectivity to disparate systems, provide a unified management interface for these systems, offer enterprisegrade security features with the ability to integrate seamlessly with existing authentication and data encryption systems, and be cost-effective to deploy with minimal on-going costs.

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MSP World
Interop May 6-10. Las Vegas, Nevada. InteropNet Provider
Opengear has been selected for the second year in a row by UBM TechWeb’s InteropNet’s NOC team to provide the company’s IM4200 product family of console servers to monitor and manage Interop’s show network. Attendees and exhibitors can rest assured they will have business continuity with Opengear’s solutions.

“Interop has built a reputation of bringing together the best technologies to build the show network that is used by all exhibitors and attendees during the events,” said Interop General Manager, Jennifer Jessup. “With the Interop NOC being the core of the inner workings of the show, we are pleased to be working with Opengear again to supply us with a critical component of our infrastructure.”

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ViaWest Standardizes on Opengear for Secure Remote Access, Provisioning and Monitoring of its Data Centers
ViaWest, one of the largest privately held data center service providers in North America, has standardized on Opengear’s solutions for secure remote access, out-of-band management and the provisioning of new equipment.

“We have a high density of network equipment on racks, and find the 48 console ports on the CM4148 fit this design rather well,” said Scott Bell, director of network engineering at ViaWest. “The CM4148 uses our TACACS server and dual-factor authentication; and its Web interface is intuitive and easy-to-navigate.”

Opengear Achieves 62.4% Annual Sales Increase in 2011
Increased traction in North American sales and partnerships lead to high growth rate.