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Interop 2012

Opengear will be demonstrating our Out-Of-Band solutions
at booth 843 and the InteropNet NOC

What is InteropNet?
The InteropNet is a cornerstone of the Interop event built in collaboration with hand selected, innovative vendors and volunteer engineers who come together to create a completely interoperable network using the industry's most cutting edge technology.
Upcoming 2012 Events
Networking Field Day 4
Gestalt IT’s fourth datacenter networking-focused Field Day event will be held on October 10 through 12 in Silicon Valley! This unique event brings together innovative IT product vendors and independent thought leaders, allowing them to get to know one another. It is a forum for engagement, education, hands-on experience, and feedback. This is Gestalt IT’s third year of Tech Field Day events – learn more at the Tech Field Day site!
LISA 2012
LISA 2012 December 2012 in San Diego, CA
The annual LISA conference is the meeting place of choice for system and network administrators and engineers. The conference serves as a venue for a lively, diverse, and rich mix of technologists of all specialties and levels of expertise. LISA is the place to teach and learn new skills, debate current issues, and meet industry gurus, colleagues, and friends.
Recent News & Media
By Michelle Amodio
TMCnet Contributor Opengear's Out of Band Management Solution Keeps Businesses Up and Running
Say you’re an IT manager running a full-fledged data center with mission critical applications, information, and documentation. Chances are, one of your worst nightmares is losing efficiency or, worse, data, in the event of an outage. Nothing quite wreaks havoc on the aforementioned like an unexpected failure, but that is why out of band management solutions exist. In the event of an untimely outage, efficiency and uptime can stay consistent without a break in productivity.
Bus with SIM 4Ging Ahead with Next Gen M2M
We’re already seeing next gen applications being deployed on the 3G network using Opengear cellular RIM appliances, in hard-to-get-to unmanned network installs on offshore oil platforms and roadside comms cabinets. RIM combines traditional M2M environmental & sensor monitoring with content rich video surveillance, on demand remote infrastructure control, and end-to-end encryption over the public cellular WWAN.
Bus with SIM Technology Industry Veteran John McNulty Joins Opengear Board of Directors
“As enterprise IT organizations look to consolidate operations and transition to cloud computing, remote network infrastructure management is more crucial than ever,” said John McNulty, “Opengear is an impressive company and has achieved solid growth to date. I’m eager to work with Opengear to provide further stewardship as the company transitions to the next phase of growth.”