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Opengear is excited to be participating in the first ever InteropNet SDN lab this year during the INTEROP New York Expo. Not only will you be able learn more about our award-winning out-of-band management products at booth #729, but you will also be able to see them in action powering both the INTEROP networking backbone and the InteropNet SDN lab!

While at our booth, you'll also be able to see the debut of a brand new appliance to remotely manage rack infrastructures even more efficiently (and even during network downtime).

If you haven't registered for INTEROP yet, it isn't too late! We would love to see you there, and you can get a free expo pass or a discount on a full registration here: http://www.interop.com/newyork/registration/?_mc=XYINYEG150

We recently updated our Lighthouse Centralized Management software to include new features reflecting our commitment to listening to our customers. Opengear continues to innovate, improve the user experience, implement best practice security and enable scalability. Some of the highlights of our recent upgrade include:

  • Lighthouse node-command CLI for mass configuration modification, user management and firmware upgrades across managed console servers
  • Support for OpenLDAP AAA including simple configuration of LDAP over SSL

If you haven't looked at Lighthouse recently, we invite you to take a moment to look again.

For the past 3 months, we have been "cell"-ebrating 10 years of innovation and helping businesses manage their IT infrastructure securely and remotely, even if the network is down. And it's not too late for you join in the "cell"-ebration. Until September 30th, we are offering some amazing Tenth Anniversary "Cell"-ebration savings:

Purchase ten (10) select Opengear cellular devices by September 30th and we'll pay for a one year/1MB data plan for each device!

That's right, now you can really ditch those costly POTS lines and dial-up modems used as a patch whenever the primary network goes down and you can enjoy the complete high-speed out-of-band experience that only Opengear 4G LTE enabled cellular devices can provide.

Embedded Cellular vs External Dongles - Don't Get Left Hanging: You wouldn't use an acoustic coupler modem to connect your enterprise network to the Internet, so why would you use an external dongle for out-of-band management? While 4G/LTE speeds that are as much as 1,000 times faster than dial-up is a good reason to consider moving to cellular out-of-band management, there are so many additional benefits that come with a device that has cellular built-in.

NEW INFOGRAPHIC! Out-Of-Band Management Delivers Business Resilience: Network downtime is frustrating and very costly to millions of businesses all over the world. Out-of-band management systems mitigate the costs and frustrations of IT downtime.

Top Three Reasons to Adopt Cellular Out-Of-Band Management Solutions: Ensuring up-time and system availability are key benchmarks for the IT department of just about every organization, and if they aren't they should be. By adopting cellular out-of-band management solutions, organizations can expect to realize at least three major core benefits, and probably a lot more.

RISK UK State of Ultimate Dependence (Pages 34-35)
Remote site management systems can monitor physical environments, detect security breaches, control access to a site, provide an audit trail and alert security and risk managers within seconds about any signs of physical tampering. Will they take the place of human intervention? Opengear CEO Rick Stevenson offers his views on the matter.
NextGov Beware the Risks of Government Data Center Consolidation
The US Government, like all of us, is trying to save a little cash and make its day-to-day operations a little more efficient. And while most of us might not run data centers as part of our daily routines, they are vital to the ongoing (and some would argue, important) functions of the federal government. In an effort to cut costs, Washington is consolidating its data centers, and though consolidation is a smart move, data centers - both federal and otherwise - invite specific risks when they are merged. How those risks are managed will ultimately determine the success of the mandate.
Wired Hop On the High Speed Bus
The first general purpose computer, known as ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer - circa 1964), was heralded as the "Giant Brain." It was literally larger than a dozen passenger buses and weighed about as much. Every computer since then has employed a system known as a "bus" for transferring signals and data both internally and to peripherals.
Interop New York Interop 2014 – New York, NY; Javits Center – Sep 29 - Oct 3
Join us along with thousands of IT professionals as we descend upon New York City to learn new skills, tackle common problems, network, and get inspired by the newest IT solutions available. Find us in booth #729 to learn about our state-of-the-art network management products.
Data Center World Data Center World – Orlando, FL; World Center Marriott – Oct 20-21
Join us and more than 1,000 data center and facilities management professionals from around the globe to discuss the challenges that face a changing IT world and discover real-world solutions for critical data center infrastructure.
Opengear has management solutions for all environments, including branch offices, remote cabinets and state-of-the-art data centers with our award-nominated IM7200 Infrastructure Manager.

Want to try one out? Take an online test drive or get in touch to book a live demo or 30-day evaluation, and see for yourself!

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