Brisbane Community Weather Monitor Plugs Into the Internet of Things

Opengear (, provider of remote site monitoring and management appliances, today announced local Linux developer David McCullough has connected up into Pachube’s public platform, to share, store and visualise weather sensor data, using the Opengear ACM5000 smart device server Pachube is a global data brokerage platform for the Internet of Things, managing millions of datapoints per day from thousands of individuals, organisations and companies around the world. By sharing data feeds from and between physical Things, such as environmental sensors, smart meters, building management and process control systems, Pachube provides a globally distributed data ecosystem and application development platform. 

The Opengear ACM5000’s Linux system under the hood made integrating Pachube API support quick and easy using the free Opengear Custom Development Kit. The ACM5000’s legacy as an industrial-grade, rugged device that is proven and reliable in harsh environments, and wide array of network and data ports, make it an ideal solution to provide network connectivity and data telemetry for things such as weather stations. 

“I had just bought a weather station which I planned to use primarily to track rainfall and wind speed. I needed an inexpensive, low power, Internet enabled device that was easy to hack so that I could pull the data and log it,” said David McCullough, Opengear CDK user. “An Opengear ACM device server with its USB, serial and data IO ports was perfect for the job. I looked at the Wifi and 3G enabled options, but, I had CAT5 cabling available so I settled on an ACM5004-2-E.” 

The second piece of the solution was a central point for data storage, visualisation, reporting and to provide access to friends and family around the world. McCullough considered building a bespoke solution on a dedicated server, before discovering Pachube. 

“Pachube provides an incredibly simple platform for logging real time data for retrieval by a huge range of other services. The Pachube graphing allows your data to be viewed easily, or integrated into other websites or devices. The range of data formats means I can access my weather data from a desktop system or from a mobile application,” adds McCullough. 

His work has culminated in a step-by-step tutorial ( posted on the Pachube community website, so that other community members can replicate his work. 

As the number of Internet-connected things outpace the number of Internet-connected people, the importance of Internet of Things is rapidly accelerating. The fundamental principles that allow data sharing between disparate things to interoperate as a system, mirror Opengear’s commitment to open source and open standards. 

“The proliferation of sensors and smart widgets means we soon we will be able to sample data from anything at any time – from domestic hot water system temperature to intercontinental gas pipeline flow,” said Dr Brendan Baker, Business Development Manager for Opengear. “The challenge is both in opening up this mass of data, and turning it into usable information. That way, every day things can make smart decisions based on their environments – say a hot water system that activates only as needed based on learned household habits, or even negotiates a tariff with the gas provider.” 

“Such systems built on Pachube and the Internet of Things, promote efficiency and quality of life that will one day be taken for granted”, he adds. “Opengear smart devices aren’t limited to providing the plumbing to securely connect these systems, they are capable of making the smart decisions at the edge. We are already seeing them rolled out in these kinds of applications, particularly in utilities, security and health sectors and as part of smart cities initiatives.” 

To encourage the expansion of the Internet of Things, Opengear is offering 25% off MSRP for the Pachube developer community – or if it’s for a new and interesting project that is written up as an online tutorial, the ACM5000 will be free of charge. 

Opengear ACM Device Server, Weather and Pachube

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Pachube ( Pachube is a realtime data infrastructure platform for the Internet of Things, managing millions of datapoints per day from thousands of individuals, organisations & companies around the world. Pachube’s powerful and scalable infrastructure enables you to build ‘Internet of Things’ products and services, and store, share & discover realtime sensor, energy and environment data from objects, devices & buildings around the world. 

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