DFAT Deploys Opengear for Global Secure Remote Management & Control

Opengear, a leading provider of next generation of out-of-band management solutions, today announced that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has chosen the Opengear CM4116 console servers for use at all Australian posts overseas. 

The deployment, over the next three years, is the first-time central management of distributed IT infrastructure over IP has been used by the department, allowing DFAT’s system administrators and network managers to affordably and securely monitor and control the department’s computers and networks anywhere in the world 24/7. 

DFAT has rolled out sixteen Opengear Console Managers to eight international sites with over two hundred to be installed by 2009/2010.

The new system provided by Opengear will be more cost-effective for the Department allowing them to remotely maintain their servers, networks and telecommunications as well as deal with IT incidents, rather than send individual technicians to each location where a problem is experienced. 

Opengear CEO, Bob Waldie, said Opengear was very pleased to be working with DFAT to provide the new network of console servers. 

“By providing a system where server, network and telecommunications issues can be dealt with remotely from one location systems administrators can now avoid much of the cost associated with sending technicians to individual sites,” Mr Waldie said. “This can be of particular importance when you are dealing with a worldwide network like DFAT”. 

Opengear’s CM4116 has taken serial console management a step forward by adding secure network console management to ensure the one device also provides secure out of band management access to LAN managed devices and service processors. However, at its core, the CM4116 is still a robust, quality serial console server. 

The CM4116 has 16 serial ports that provide secure access to the serial console ports on Windows, Sun and Linux servers and serially controlled network devices. 

“For DFAT, the CM4116 console managers will mainly be providing secure access and management of network infrastructure such as routers, switches, PBXs and communications connections,” Mr Waldie said. “The CM4116 is vendor agnostic so it can connect to any equipment with a serial console.”

The CM4116’s Secure Tunneling (SDT) enables control of remote computers using network consoles like RDP and VNC. The CM4116 can also monitor and control networking appliances (routers, firewalls) and power switches over the management network using network protocols like IPMI, SoL and HTTPS. 

Mr Waldie said the use of Linux and other open source technology also made Opengear console servers a more cost-effective solution. 

“Our company’s adoption of and contribution to open source technologies enables us to pass on cost savings to customers.” 

About DFAT

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s role is to advance Australia’s national interest. This involves working to strengthen Australia’s security and enhance Australia’s prosperity. The Department provides foreign and trade policy advice to the government and works with other government agencies to ensure that Australia’s pursuit of its global, regional and bilateral interests is coordinated effectively. It is also the lead agency managing Australia’s international presence with a network of 89 overseas posts in five continents and over 3400 staff world-wide. 

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