Innovations in Secure, Cellular Out-Of-Band Management Fuel Opengear’s Explosive 2012 Growth

Opengear (, a leading provider of critical infrastructure management solutions offering advanced console servers, remote management, monitoring, and cellular out-of-band products, today announced that it continued rapid global growth in 2012.

“As businesses increase their reliance on connectivity, distributed infrastructure and cloud computing, the availability of secure out-of-band management becomes crucial. Opengear helps our customers ensure business continuity in this rapidly changing IT landscape,” Rick Stevenson, CEO of Opengear. “Our customers tell us we are a critical part of their IT infrastructure enabling secure access to IT infrastructure even when the primary network is down.”

Among Opengear’s 2012 highlights:

  • Expanded channel: Due to its growing importance in enterprise IT, Opengear saw more than 150% growth in the number of resellers. In EMEA, Opengear launched the new Opengear Certified Partner program with more than 30 transacting partners.
  • Growing sales globally: Opengear saw more than 50% revenue growth in North America and 78% growth in Europe. Major new customers include ViaWest, National Instruments and Layer42 Networks.
  • Expanded global footprint: Opengear added key executives in APAC, Europe and North America to help support the company’s fast growth.
  • Expanded awareness and accolades: Opengear awareness continued to grow through a number of channels:
    • Opengear presented at Networking Field Day in front of leading networking users and bloggers who gave Opengear high marks for its “massive and impressive” customer list and its ability to integrate with a wide range of products such as SolarWinds.
    • For the second and third years in a row, Opengear was selected to be part of both the 2012 and 2013 NOC at Interop in Las Vegas.
    • Also at Interop 2012, Opengear won the Network Product Guide’s Most Innovative IT Hardware Award.
    • Opengear represented Australia in the 2012 Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards for the Opengear ACM5500.
    • InfoWorld reviewed the Opengear ACM5000 concluding “What sets the Opengear ACM5004-G apart is just how much Opengear has managed to cram into the tiny box: 3G Cellular, firewall, router, four external sensor connections (my kit had smoke/fire, vibration, intrusion, and water), four RS-232/422/485 ports (with Cisco-style pinouts, so a straight cable to a Cisco or other network device is all you need), and a USB port for storage, a hub, a Sierra USB modem, or a USB console like those found on newer switches.”

Innovative product developments: Opengear continued development of its industry leading out of band management solutions and cellular routers:

  • Opengear announced greater support for Cisco networks and enhanced security and management features, including RANCID configuration monitoring.
  • Opengear launched a new Wireless Remote Infrastructure Management Gateway, offering integrated cellular, wired and wireless access, ensuring uptime and business continuity.
  • Opengear integrated with HP Network Automation. This driver integration speeds up integration of Opengear products into HP Network Automation. Together, HP and Opengear provide a holistic, automated approach across the network management domains of fault, availability, performance, and change, configuration, compliance and process automation.
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Opengear delivers secure, resilient access and automation to critical IT infrastructure, even when the network is down. Provisioning, orchestration and remote management of network devices, through innovative software and appliances, enables technical staff to manage their data centers and remote network locations reliably and efficiently. Opengear’s business continuity solutions are trusted by global organizations across financial, digital communications, retail and manufacturing industries. The company is headquartered in New Jersey, with R&D centers in Silicon Valley and Brisbane, Australia. For more information please visit

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