Opengear Achieves RSA Secured Partner Program Certification to Provide Two-Factor Authentication Technology for Remote Management

Opengear ( a leading provider of next-generation console server and remote management solutions, today announced that it has joined the RSA Secured® Partner Program, achieving certification with RSA SecurID® authentication from RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC). This demonstrates that all Opengear console servers now support RSA SecurID technology, delivering a secure and robust remote management solution. 

The RSA SecurID system is one of the world’s most widely used two-factor user authentication solution. RSA SecurID authenticators help organizations protect private information and assure identities of people, devices and applications exchanging that information by providing a one-time password that changes every 60-seconds. The RSA SecurID solution is designed to support more than 350 applications, enabling it to fit seamlessly into the existing business infrastructures of our 30,000+ customers worldwide. With a 25-year history of outstanding performance and innovation, the RSA SecurID solution remains an industry standard for organizations looking to protect their key business data assets. The use of two independent factors for authentication is much less susceptible to abuse than either component alone. 

“This interoperable partnership allows enterprises to benefit from unprecedented security and enjoy always-on connectivity to managed devices,” said Bob Waldie, Opengear Chairman and CEO. “Through this agreement, RSA channel customers, as well as Opengear customers, can benefit from highly secure remote monitoring and management solutions for small, medium and large deployments over wired, wireless and cellular.” 

This interoperable partnership between Opengear and RSA blends remote access available through Opengear’s console and device servers with unprecedented security delivered by RSA’s robust two-factor user authentication solution. From remote branches, datacenters, or distributed smart devices, RSA SecurID authenticator users can now automatically and securely log into a managed device to reconfigure or perform a necessary recovery action – through the console server. 

“We are pleased to welcome Opengear to the RSA Secured Partner Program. Through our inventive collaboration we can support the needs of organizations by providing enhanced authentication technology that helps to protect joint customers to securely access applications remotely,” said Ted Kamionek, Vice President, Business Development and Technical Alliances at RSA. “Through the certification, Opengear customers can add an additional level of security that reduces complexity and increases confidence within dynamic business environments.” 

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Implementation guides on the Opengear SD/CM/IM/ACM Series Console Server are available from the RSA web site:

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